what are the effects of continuous cropping system

Before going further to talk about the effect of continuous cropping system I want to explain to you what really is continuous cropping.


What is continuous cropping system of farming?

Continuous cropping system is a system of Farming that is repeated cultivation of crops in one area of land exclusively
This is simply the repeating or planting of crop or specific type of crop repeatedly on a given piece of land, this is called continuous cropping
Continuous cropping is majorly carried out where there is not enough of land for farming activities
So what the meaning of continuous cropping system of farming in agriculture what are the effect of this method of farming let us go on and take a look at them one after the other

The effects of continuous cropping

1. One of the most important effect of continuous cropping is that it reduces the mineral  nutrient content of the soil,
 this is so due to excessive use of a particular piece of land over a time
2. Continuous cropping on a piece of land encourages The Spread and multiplication of germs which strive to live in a given environment
3. Mono cropping system of Farming can easily result in Lower yield of crops due to excessive use of nutrients in the soil by the crops
4. monocropping system of Farming can also lead to specialisation of the farmer
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