what are the effect of deforestation in agricultural production?

Deforestation What is deforestation? Before I go into explaining the effect of deforestation I want to first of all let you know what is called deforestation before we\’ll look at the effect of deforestation


Definition of deforestation

Deforestation is the continuous removal of forest stand or trees are the by Bush burning or indiscriminate felling without replacing them
Now that we have known what is deforestation, let us go on to look at the effect of the removal or indiscriminate felling of trees without replacing them do they have effect? how do they affect agricultural production let\’s see

A comprehensive details of the effect of deforestation

1. Deforestation increases the chances of soil erosion this is caused through a situation where every tree that is covering a direct hitting of the soil through rainfall is taken away exposing the soil to direct rainfall or sheet erosion
2. The deforestation of the forest reduces water percolation due to the absence of humus and dead leaves on the soil surface when the trees are taken off
3. Deforestation in reality result in loss of soil nutrient through leaching and erosion processes. Now you can understand that going to cut down trees in the forest without replacing them has an enormous impact on the nutrient capacity of the soil
4. Yeah deforestation reduces the humus content of the soil. When you as a farmer or as an individual goes into the forest and you Cut down trees, over a time you expose that soil to direct sun rays and because there is no dead leaves or decaying organic matter on the topmost soil it reduces the chances of the soil having humus in abundance
5. I know you\’ve heard of green vegetation campaign all over the whole world, the truth is deforestation reduces the amount of rainfall in an area, it causes the destruction of watershed. 
6. Deforestations will definitely hinder microorganisms activities in the soil. The activities of microorganisms in the soil is is at the optimum or highest level when there is soil moisture and humus everywhere
7. When we cut down trees which is also known as deforestation, this invaluable reduces wildlife population in the area concerned because all the wild animals in that environment will be driven off and then for those who are porchers or those who hunt for a living are put on starvationon list
8. Deforestation may lead to desertification.  which means at the stage where every forest or tree is cut down, the environment may become desert due to the fact that the soil type may change to become sandy soil
In conclusion of this article
It is advised that deforestation should be thrown away as it leads to series of problem like destroying wildlife conservation and exposing the soil to erosion, destroy microorganisms activities in the soil and also reducing the soil nutrient capacity. 
so in this we advocate planting of trees.  reserving areas for games. 
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