what are stem borers and their effect on crops

What is stem burrower?

Stem burrower is an insect including the lavae capable of burrowing into plant parts and destroying the tissues
What kind of crops do stem borers attack?
Crops that are the major targets of stem borers are crops like rice, maize, Guinea corn, Millet and nearly all types of cereal crops

The nature of damage and economic importance of their tax of stem borers on crops
The damages done to crops and their stems by stem borers pest of crops are listed in the following way
1. Stem borer pests of crops and it’s lava easily bore holes into Stem of crops and destroy the phloem and xylem vessels of the plant
2. Stem borers pest of crops eat up tissues and destroy the external shape of the plant
3. The moment this Stem borers  pests of crops bore holes and eat up the plant tissue and then destroying the shape and the strength of the stem, the plant is rendered weak and May die off.
How to prevent stem borers from destroying the tissues of crops
We all know that stem borers are capable of destroying the tissues of plant thereby rendering the plant weak and it may die off.
 so there are ways to protect this from happening.  if Stem borers activities are allowed to continue  unchecked it may inflict pain on the crops which may result in Lower yield of crop production
Here are possible methods of preventing stem borers from affecting crop plant
Prevention and control measures of stem borers pest of crops
1. If you notice any trace of stem borers in your farm, what you do first is you identify the crop that is affected, uproot  and burn the plant
2. To prevent the spread of stem borers best of crop, you have to try as a farmer to always pray with insecticide like gamalin 20
3. In trying to prevent the spread of Stem borers, you as a farmer must try to indulge on early planting of crops
4. Another natural method of preventing stem borer pest of crops from spreading is to always practice crop rotation on the farm
5. Planting of disease resistant types of crops that are not susceptible to the attack of stem borers is always advised
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