what are forage crops?

what are forage crops? definition of forage crops, Forages are crops purposely cultivated for the sole point of feeding farm animals forages crops are always succulent in nature most forage crop looks like a maize plant in nature.

forage crops

The leaves of all forages are soft and fibrosis in nature. 

Examples of forage crops

The list of some common forages that are majorly planted for the purpose of feeding farm animals all over the world are as follows.
5.  Stylosanthes

the characteristics of forage crops

 You have to understand. That the forage crop are very easy to cultivate anywhere in the world. 
Every for these crops have the ability to flourish in every condition add our temperate region or tropical climate.
the uses of forage crops
Uses of forage crop
1.  Forage crop are source of food for cattle. 
2. Forage crop are used to feed goats and sheep. 
3. Forages are also good in making compost manure and hay 
4. Sometimes dry forages are also using making thatched houses in villages, mostly in some part of Africa. 
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