types of reproduction in spirogyra

Reproduction process in spirogyra How does spirogyra reproduce? Is spirogyra an animal or a plant? Does spirogyra make use of male and female part in reproduction? All these are questions that begs for answers and build me a little further, I will explain the process of reproduction as found in spirogyra and some other microscopic organisms



There are basically two ways in which spirogyra reproduces.


These processes through which a spandrel can reproduce its Young Ones can be seen in two weeks of forms So the two major ways in which spirogyra produces is known as conjugation and fragmentation.



1. What is conjugation process of reproduction in spirogyra?


Conjugation is a simple type of sexual reproduction which occurs in some lower organisms such as mucor, rhizopus, paramecium and spirogyra. In other words conjugation is the process in reproduction found in some lower organisms by which nuclear materials are passed from one cell to another. In spirogyra for example conjugation starts with two filament called conjugant coming together to lie side by side. So as this country can\’t come together to lie side by side lateral outgrowth start to develop opposite each other from opposite cell in the two filament of the spirogyra during this process of conjugation


The outgrowth meet and the separating wall dissolves and form a continuous channel called conjugation tube. And meanwhile the cytoplasm of each cell shrinks away from the cell walls and roundup to form gamete. So one of the gamete regarded as the male migrate through the conjugation tube into the other cell..




so during this time the cytoplasm of the two cell fused together including the nuclei which will also fuse together and is zygote is formed. After sometimes the zygote or zygosphere will germinate and the new filament is formed. this type of reproduction in spirogyra is called sexual reproduction of 2. What is fragmentation process of reproduction in spirogyra? The fragmentation process of reproduction found in spirogyra is a process that a part of an organism breaks up or fragments and gives rise to a new individual. The process of fragmentation in spirogyra is a form of regeneration. Fragmentation process of reproduction occurs in organisms like algae.


When fragmentation process of reproduction occurs in spirogyra it is when a filament reaches a certain length and part of it breaks away and grows into a new filament this type of reproduction in spirogyra is called asexual or vegetative reproduction.




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