the variegated grasshopper and its damages caused to crops

What are variegated grasshoppers?

The variegated grasshopper is an insect pest of crop
Variegated grasshopper is an example of biting and chewing insects as a result it possesses maxilla and mandible biting parts of mouth
Crops attacked by the variegated grasshopper
The variegated grasshopper can attack most crop types on the farm but the major one we are going to look at this, is the cassava, the yam and Maize

Nature of the damages and economic effect of the variegated grasshopper attack on crop
The following are the ways and the nature of Damages caused by the variegated grasshopper on crops and the farm
1. The adult and the lavae of variegated grasshoppers eat up the leaves and stem of crops it attacks like the cassava
2. Most often their tax buy variegated grasshoppers reducing the rate of photosynthesis and food making of the crop
3. Variegated grasshoppers attack on cassava reduces growth and yield
How to control the spread and attack of the variegated grasshoppers pest of crop
Ways by which a farmer can control the spread of the variegated Grasshopper pest of cassava plant
1. The spread of cassava variegated grasshopper pest can be done through hand picking
2. The use of appropriate insecticide should be used to spray on the farm to curb the spread of variegated grasshoppersgrasshoppers
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