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the uses of hand fork in agriculture


the hand fork and its uses in the farm

The hand fork is a simple Farm tool that consist of a piece of metal with three or four short flat prongs.
Some type of hand folk have thought wooden hand while others are entirely made of metal. The type of hand fork that has short handle is mainly used in squatting position because of a small size


Functions of a hand fork

One of the main functions of a garden fork is that it is used for littering surface soil of breaking soil class which is also known as local tillage system
The hand fork is also use for like a weeding in the farm
The hand fork can also be used for mixing small quantities of soil or in the preparation of Manure
Another key function of the hand fork is that it is used for working manure into the soil


how to maintain a hand fork

The first major method of maintaining hand fork is to store it in a dry and cool place
The most important aspect of maintenance of a handbag is to paint oil or Grease the part that are iron to avoid rust
In all to preserve the life span of a hand forkk then it should be cleaned or washed after each use

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hand fork


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