heterotroph and consumers

What are heterotroph and consumers? the meaning of heterotrophs and consumers in an ecosystem. Heterotrophs are organisms mainly animals which are also called consumers in an ecosystem, this organisms call heterotrophs cannot manufacture their own food(photosynthesis) but depend directly or indirectly on plants known as producers to make the food hence they are called consumer in an ecosystem

What are heterotrophic organisms and do you recognize them?

Animals that feed primarily or directly on green plant are called herbivores or primary consumers.

Animals that feed on the primary consumers in an ecosystem are called carnivores or secondary consumers Wild animals that feed on the secondary consumers or carnivores are called consumers. Heterotroph includes all animals carnivorous plant fungi and most protist and some bacteria.

The definition of consumer or heterotrophs in an ecosystem Consumers or heterotrophs in is an organism which derives its nutrient energy and food from eating plants directly or indirectly. In other words, heterotrophs or consumers are organisms which depends on other organisms for food energy and nutrient Good to note that all consumers are heterotrophs and they Lack chlorophyll.

Heterotrophs as consumers are animals that derive their nutrient food and energy from eating plants directly e.g. a cow and sheep and also called herbivores or primary consumers. Carnivores are also called secondary consumers in an ecosystem

what are consumer heterotrophs

So in reality consumers are heterotrophs that feed on other organisms they include all holozoic organisms such as herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers and parasites


examples of consumer heterotroph

Some typical examples of heterotrophs in a terrestrial ecosystem are caterpillar, cow, dog, lion, toad, Lizard, Man etc Examples of aquatic heterotrophs include water fleas, tadpole, larva of mosquitoes and insects and fishes.

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