the effect of the attack of rodents on crop production and their control method

What are rodents?  Rodents are small animals pests of crops that attacks Farm produce stores. These rodents are very small and are of different sizes and types

Types of rodent that attack crops on the farm

1. Rabbit. The rabbit is a small rodent that attacks Farm crops like yam and cassava. In the African settings, the rabbit mostly operate in the night
2. The grasscutter. This type of rodent is a little similar to the rabbit but is bigger, has a sharp teeth for cutting down plant from the stand like cassava. The grass cutter operate during the day if the environment is quiet and come out also in the night to eat
3. Rats. The rat is a small farm rodent that attacks crops by digging out the tubers from the ground to eat. There are so many types of rat found all over the world ranging from small spaces to bigger ones
4. The ground squirrel. The squirrel is a type of rodent that is specialised in eating groundnut and digging cassava tubers. This type of rodent pest of crops is very cunning above all other types of rodent. It is very difficult to catch even when you set traps for it

Types of crops that are attacked by rodent pest

1. Rice
2. Groundnut
3. yam
4. Cassava
5. Beans
6. Melon
7. 🍅 Tomato and
8. Fruits

Nature of the damages caused by rodent on crops

The following are some of the types of Damages effect and nature and the extent to which damages are caused on crops production
1. Rodent feed on crops. most of the Essential parts of crop
2. They destroy whole plant by eating the tubers off
3. The attack of rodent increases cost of production because as a farmer you have to buy materials and spend money on other control measures
4. Rodent decreases the quantity of crop produced yearly across the world

How to control the attacks of rodent on Farm produce

The following are the ways in which we can try to disrupt or control their attacks and damages caused by rodents on Farm production
1. We can control the attack of rodent by using baits
2. the use of rodent chemicals known as rodenticides
3. For crops that are still in the farm before harvest we can use Predators like dog while and stalled produce we use cat to dispel or wade off rodent attacks
4. Weeding the farm on regular basis to keep it clean can also be a deterrent to the attack of rodent
5. The use of Pit traps or pit holes is also advised but at least you have to properly understand the channel whereby this animals come into your farm and then you’ll try to dig holes and they can fall into will not be able to come out.
5. The use of fences
6. String wire net or traps are also advised to be used to catch a rodent that attacks crops on the farm
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