DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLANTS AND ANIMAL In reality plants and animals are living things but there are still some basic differences between these groups of living thing. Here I am going give a comprehensive detail of these all these differences in the chart below.


1. Most green plants makes their own food through a process called photosynthesis. Also known as AUTOTROPHIC MODE OF FEEDING. But non green plants cannot make food through photosynthesis
2. Growth is mainly at the growing regions or parts of the plant itself known as Epical meristem. So growth is continuous throughout life== plants and animals
3. Plants are not active. They don’t have developed organs for movement.

plants ans animals. reproduction

4. Plant have slow response to external stimuli
5. They possess no special excretory system
6. They possess no special sensory organ
7. Food is stored mainly as starch like in fungi
8. They have no fixed number of part, branching is continuous
9. Gaseous exchange is through the entire body
10. The cells of a typical plant has a rigid, non-living cellulose cell wall
11. Plant cells have large vacuoles containing cell sap of plants and animals


1. Animals cannot carry out photosynthesis but widely depends on foods made by plants. Hence they are heterotrophic
2. Growth takes place all over the body or intercalary. And it is limited to a certain period in their life time


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