importance of Agricultural Mechanization

importance of Agricultural Mechanization. Meaning of Mechanization agricultural mechanization. Mechanization is concerned with the use of machines in farm work. importance of Agricultural Mechanization In Nigeria or any other country farm work is carried out using simple farm implements. For example, clearing of land is done with the cutlass, digging of the land with hoe…… Continue reading importance of Agricultural Mechanization


FEEDING MECHANISMS IN HOLOZOIC ORGANISMS What are holozoic organisms? Holozoic organisms are organisms that feeds on other organisms or solid organic food substances synthesized by green plants. There are five modifications and mechanisms of feeding associated with some holozoic organisms these feeding mechanisms include Holozoic nutrition (Greek: holo-whole ; zoikos-of animals) is a type of…… Continue reading FEEDING MECHANISMS IN HOLOZOIC ORGANISMS


Vegetation zones in Nigeria,, Map of Nigeria showing the different Vegetation Zones KEY Sahel Savanna Sudan Savanna Guinea Savanna Rain Forest forest vegetation zones of Nigeria Mangrove and Fresh Water Swamp Forest 1. Mangrove and fresh water swamp forest vegetation zones read about aquatic habitat This occupies the delta part of Nigeria with heavy rainfall…… Continue reading VEGETATION ZONES IN NIGERIA