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Roles of co-operative Society or organizations in agricultural production, The roles of agricultural organization like the co-operative societies as follows but they are not limited to these ones I\’m going to list in this article.

The roles of co-operative Society and organizations in agricultural production

The following are the roles of co-operative organizations in agricultural production
1. The organisation\’s known as co-operative Society makes provision for employment of Labour within their jurisdiction. What does simply means is at co-operative organisations employees labour by providing the opportunity for spinning farmers who are stranded in their area not having money enough to start their own farming and buy Farm implement that are needed for crop production

2. Operative organisations provide some input financing money or getting loans from banks as a body to buy some Farm inputs or implement like caterpillars, tillage implement, building storage facilities in modern forms, buying of large machinery is like the bulldozer, the operative organisations that are involved in farming also help to procure Farm implements like harvesting tools that are not easy for a single farmer to buy in the market plan mobile plan and bulldozer.

2. The co-operative farming of farmers also United to provide a processing facilities for their Farmers and members a situation whereby a farm himself cannot procure does implement the cooperative as a body will help in providing access easily for any farmer who is a member of the co-operative organisation to be able to access modern tools and storage facilities.

Co-operative farming scheme in agriculture development and economy of the Nation

3. Operative organisations or cooperative farming also provide storage facilities for members

4. The cooperative organisation of society of farmers also helps to make ready a market easily accessible to your members

5. One major aim of a typical cooperative organisations of Farming is to provide training facility and opportunities to their members  \"Co-operative

6. These organisations provide funds or capital for the members The Intern as a cooperative organisation can also access this phone\’s or Grant or loan from the government of their country respectively. In most climes of the world individuals who are involved in farming activity is very difficult for them to access loans or grant from the bank or government and so when they are involved or when the partner with cooperative organisations it is easier for them to assess these loans or grants from government as a group

7. One of the functions of a cooperative farming Society organisation is to provide information training awareness among members on what is trending when and how to produce and in modern techniques of production such a cooperative society organisation also functions like agricultural extension workers

8. Cooperative organisations or cooperative farming community and enhances investment opportunities and so they encourage large-scale production and expansion of members investment and Frontiers.

So how does the government partner with cooperative organisations to bring about difference improvement market expansion and the rest of it so in this article were going to analyse and look at the various ways government partners with cooperative organisations or cooperative farmers to bring about the change and the lifestyle of the community and bring about the change or improvement in their social amenities and bring about a change in provision of storage and processing facilities these are some of the things that government are evolving when it comes to developing an environment.

In this article we are looking at the first number one here is the provision of Farm tools by the government in partnership with cooperative organisations. Bring government partners with farmers or cooperative organisations to be able to improve on Farm inputs like chemicals Farm tools and implements fertilizer is improved seed where not only provided by the government but they are provided in sufficient quantities and also served as a subsidized to enable peasant farmers to buy and use them in order to improve on their Farm output

Aspect of government involvement with the cooperative farmers is in this form that is in the provision of storage and processing facility in order to prevent food wastage and provide food in periods of scarcity government decided to provide storage and processing facilities in all parts of the country in order to also boost the Farmers production and Preservation techniques

Whereby the government of any country can also partner with cooperative societies to bring about a change in the community is by provision of effective transportation network that will link the farming Communities and the market beyond. The key point of this transportation means that government provides for a farming community comes in this phone where by the agencies of government through their allies and paralinx like the directorate of food road and rural infrastructure development which has helped in some part of Nigeria in the construction of feeder roads in rural areas to ease and decongest transportation in order to improve on the marketing aspect of Farm. If good road and transportation means are provided by the government of the day thereby reduces the cost of production and also making food readily and easily available to the team in public

One other aspect of government involvement with the cooperative societies to boost agricultural production in any community is by provision of pest and disease control services for farmers to produce Farm full stops in large quantities the government of the day has to make provision for drugs for the Farmer himself and drugs for the animals that are reared in a farm chemicals in Vaccines which are also used for pest and disease control in addition the government also employs pathologist and veterinary doctors to prevent and control pest and disease of crops and animals respectively

In order to boost agricultural production within a community or around a cooperative organisation that are involved in farming practices the government has to provide extension extension services like the extension workers who in turn will help to train the Farmers on new techniques of Farming harvesting new breed and stalks of crops that can produce better yield than the former

And so the government partners with most agricultural co-operative Society to provide agricultural education in view of the fact that majority of blacks of farmers around the world are illiterate the government of anything society should decide to provide adult education for nomadic farmers in order to enable them to learn how to read and write so that they will be able to apply modern system of Farming to improve their welfare and also to promote easy acceptance of new techniques and Innovations in agriculture…

government and Co-operative Society

One of the ways the government can improve on agricultural community or a co-operative Society is to help them provide Research Institute by building 8 in the area that can also improve the agricultural production improve the local varieties of breeds of crops and animals respectively the government also also has the obligation of setting up numerous Research Institute to provide solutions to the problems of local crops and animals with a view to increasing production examples of such as obesity Research Institute established by any government to carry out research works are found in Nigeria

here is a list of government establishments in order to improve on agricultural production in Nigeria

1. National cereal Research Institute NCRI

2. Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria ibadan

3. The Nigerian Institute for oil palm research Benin City

4. National Institute for trypanosomiasis research centre

5. National horticultural Research Institute ibadan

9. national Institute for oceanography and marine research Lagos

10.. national veterinary Research Institute form

6. Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria r r i n Benin City

7. National root crops Research Institute
8.. Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria ibadan

11. The International Institute of tropical agriculture ibadan

12. Lake Chad Research Institute maiduguri Nigeria


For a growing economy or developed economy for the farming Society to thrive and produce more and be able to feed the nation the co-operative Society and farmers Institute have to work hand-in-hand with the government of the day in order to provide efficient means of farming and food production. As we all know that agriculture is the backbone of any nation that developed advanced or an imagination agriculture is still the backbone of any economy so in order for agricultural activities to boom and tried every sensible government has to make provision for farmers by providing incentives bank loans grants by providing Farm implements even if is not for individual farmers for at least two co-operative farming organisation.

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