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Practical solutions the problems of low agricultural productivity in west Africa

Practical solutions the problems of low agricultural productivity in west Africa

The numerous problems militating against the development of agriculture in West Africa can be solved in the following ways:

  1. Amendment of the land use decree: Amendment of the land use decree of 1978 must be done to enable farmers to acquire land for farming. Farmers should also use fertilizers in their available land to ensure increased in production
  • Establishment of agricultural banks:  Agricultural banks like the Nigeria Agricultural and Co-operative  Bank (N.A.C.B) should be established to give loans to farmers at reduced interests rates

  • Construction of roads: Feeder roads should be constructed to open up the rural areas for agricultural produce marketing
  • Provision of storage and processing facilities: Government should and processing facilities for farmers at subsidized rate
  • Provision of farm input: Farm input like improved seeds, implements fertilizers, etc should also be provided at subsidized rates to farmers
  • Farmers should be educated: Special schools or training centre’s should be established where farmer can be trained on how to read and write, on the use modern system of farming
  • Provision of basic amenities:  Governments should provide basic amenities like electricity, pipe- borne water and health care facilities in rural areas to make life more meaningful

  • Provision of modern implements: Modern implement like tractors, plough, harrows, sprayers and planters should be made available to farmers to ease the production of crops.
  • Provision of irrigation facilities: Irrigation facilities should be introduced where weather is unfavorable, e.g. low rainfall. Also , water conservation techniques such as mulching should be practiced

  1. Provision of drugs and pesticides: Drugs should be provided to enable farmers to combat diseases. Pesticides and other chemical should be provided to control pests of agriculture produce
  2. Establishment of good marketing system: There should be organized marketing channels for agricultural produce. Government should buy excess produce from farmers to encourage them in continuous production
  1. Provision of research findings: Research finding on agriculture should be made available to farmers

  1.     economic tools for nation building
  2. budgeting
  3. factors affecting the expansion of industries
  4. mineral resources and the mining industries
  5. demand and supply

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