Pest and diseases of cotton and their control method

Pests and diseases of Cotton and control their control methods The following are the diseases and pests of cotton and their control methods These diseases are not the only ones but they are the ones I can mention here for the sake of this article Cotton stainer (Dysdercus spp): It feeds on the contents of the boll and also transmits bacterial and fungal diseases. They stain the lints. Control: By handpicking the insects and regular spraying with insecticides. (2) Boll worms: The caterpillars (larvae) eat their way into the boll and spoil the lint. Control: (i) This is done by handpicking. (ii) Destruction of infected plants. Diseases of cotton and control methods Bacteria blight: It is caused by a bacterium. Symptoms include angular spots which appear on the leaves and branches How to Control Bacteria blight of cotton: It is used by dressing Destroy and burn infected plants Grow resistant varieties Leaf curl: It is caused by a virus transmitted by an insect. Affected leaves become twisted, mottled, vein clearing and curl at the margin. How to Control Leaf curl of cotton: Plant resistant varieties Destroy infected plants by burning Damping off: It is caused by a fungus which is spread through the soil. Cells of seedling become logged, resulting in the death of the plants.

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