pest and diseases of cassava and their control methods

<h1>Pest and diseases of Cassava and control methods</h1>
Variegated Grasshopper
Variegated Grasshopper:
Adults and nymphs at up the leaves and young and eat up the tubers.
Shooting with gun
Wire fencing round the farm

<h2>Diseases of Cassava and control</h2>
Types of cassava diseases
Cassava  mosaic disease of cassava
Bacteria blight of cassava
Angular leaf spot of cassava

<h2>Cassava mosaic disease and symptoms:</h2>
It is caused by virus which is transmitted by a piercing and sucking insect (white flies).
Symptoms of cassava leaf spot disease
Symptoms include vein clearing and distortion of the leaves and stunted plants
Grow resistant varieties
Uproot and burn infected plants
Use disease free planting materials

<h2>Bacteria blight of cassava and control:</h2>
It is caused by bacteria which are transmitted by infected cuttings.
These include angular, water- soaked area of discoloured leaf tissue, blighting, wilting and reduction in yield.
Control Bacteria blight of cassava:
Use resistant varieties
Use lean and disease-free stem cuttings

(3)     Angular leaf spot: It is caused by a fungus.

Symptoms: include spores which produce pale, brownish colour on affected leaves Control:
(i)     Spray with fungicide, e.g., Bordeaux mixture.

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