crop Harvesting

The common crop parts normally harvested for use include tubers, leaves, fruits, seeds and others.
Harvesting of crops can be carried out manually through the use of knife, sickle, cutlass and hoe=== more simple farm tools. In very large farms, harvesting is done with the aid of mechanical harvesters and other devices.

9. Farm Level Processing
Processing is the conversion of crop products into other forms more acceptable or convenient to the consumers. In some instances. processing starts from the farm site. For example, the extraction of melon seeds from the pods and pulp. and the subsequent drying is a form of processing. The peeling of cassava takes place in the farm before final conversion into garr, fufu or starch.

In cocoa production, the extraction of the beans from the ripe pod, fermentation and drying of the beans take place, in most cases, in the farm.

Other forms of processing that cannot he carried out in the farm site are done in factories where machines are installed for the purpose.

10. Storage
Storage involves keeping farm products for future use. When i he farmer has harvested and at times processed, the last stage of the post-planting operation is storage. There arc many storage methods that the farmers can use depending on the type of product. This include the use of barn in the case of yam tubers, the use of cribs and silos in the case of grains such as maize and the use of refrigerators and cold storage in the case of perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables.

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1. (a) List the pre-planting operations normally carried out the farmers
(b) Describe two of the pre-planting operations.
2. Write very short notes on the following planting operations:
(i) Dale of planting
(ii) Planting distances
(iv) Seed rate
(v) Planting depth, and
(vi) Capping.

3. (a) What is a nursery
(b) Name five types of nursery

4. Enumerate ten post planting activities carried out by farmers
5. Write short notes on five of the following post-planting activities:
(a) Thinning (e) Pest Control
(b) Mulching
(f) Harvesting
(c) Supplying (g) Storage
(e) Weeding

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