leaf Blight of cassava disease, effects, symptoms and prevention methods

What is cassava leaf blight and its causes. The leaf Blight of cassava disease  is the disease of the cassava caused by a bacterium known as xanthomonas manibotis.

 Unlike the cassava mosaic disease the leaf Blight of cassava is caused by a bacteria which affect the cuttings through rain splashing etc.
manihotis is the pathogen that causes bacterial blight of cassava discovered in Brazil in 1912,
 the disease has spread through cultivation of cassava across the world. Among diseases which affects cassava all over world, bacterial blight causes the largest damages in terms of yield and production.

How the leaf blight disease of cassava is transmitted

The cassava Leaf blight disease is transmitted through infected cuttings, leaves of wilting plant, Rain splashing,  insects and the use of tools like simple Farm tools during weeding
If one cassava plant is infected, the whole crop is put at risk of infection through rains plash, contaminated cultivation tools, and foot movement. These are effective methods of transmission because they cause bruises to healthy cassava crops, and the bacteria uses these wounds as an entry point.

General symptoms of the effect of the blight bacterial disease of cassava

1. The first thing to recognize when a cassava plant has been affected by the blight leaf disease is that the blighting of leaves do occur
2. The effect of the black cassava disease is the falling off of leaves predominantly which causes the crop to lose its capacity to carry out photosynthesis
3. You can easily recognise the effect of leaf blight disease of cassava through the die-bark of the Stem

Ways to prevent and control the spread of leaf blight disease of cassava

There are several ways to control the spread of this disease but here in this article I am going to list at least four five ways to control and checkmate the spread
1. First and foremost before cropping your farm, you must make sure you use disease-resistant varieties of cassava
2. Early planting of cassava is very important to eliminating the attack of leaf blight disease
3. You can also practice crop rotation system of Farming to call the effect of the cassava blight disease attack
4. Remember that proper weeding procedures and keeping of the farm clean from weed is important to the prevention of the leaf blight attack on crops
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