Land degradation and effects

LAND DEGRADATION occurs when the topography of the soil is destroyed through the use of high-end machinery, continuous tillage of a given piece of land and the effects of volcanic eruptions.

The issue of soil degradation and its effects on agriculture cannot be over-emphasized. there are remedies and amendments to correcting land degradation in agriculture.

so down this post, i am going to try and give few solutions or how to prevent land degradation so read on

When you enter inside a land you want to use for agricultural activities and the landscape is not uniform, it is the result of soil degradation.

Land degradation can lead to loss of soil nutrients through leaching. The effect of soil erosion is one major cause of land degradation. A land that is degraded will not be easy to make good roads within the farm settlement.


  1. Degradation of soil as a result of Erosion0
  2. Continuous tillage of the soil definitely lead to soil surface degradation and leaching which in turn leads to loss of soil nutrients.
  3. Continuous cropping activities on a piece of land leads to soil degradation. This land degradation is a result of uprooting of farm produce, use farm machine, wearing away of topmost soil due to erosion.

soil surface degradation that is due to continuous cropping can be corrected through manuring, crop rotation, bush fallowing and the application of organic fertilizers.
4. Land degradation can be caused by Sedimentation which can lead to the land becoming either acidic, clayed or sandy in most cases.


  1. Land degradation leads to poor crop yield
  2. soil surface degradation causes leaching
  3.  degradation destroys the landscape for farming activities
  1. The implication of soil surface degradation due to erosion causes loss of soil nutrient. When a land is degraded, it affects every agricultural activity on the land.
    • 5. A degraded land is also very difficult to erect farm buildings
How to correct land degradation
  1. soil degradation checkmated by planting tall trees that can prevent wind erosion
  2. Planting of cover crops to prevent sheet erosion is one major way to correct soil surface degradation
  3. The use of proper drainage system in the farm prevents soil erosion which would have led to soil surface degradation.

  1. Avoid excessive use of large farm machines in order to curb soil degradation
  2. Land degradation can be corrected by using terraces and bolds within the farm.
  3. Apart from using crop rotation, cover cropping and good drainage system to correct land degradation, it advised to always plan you land by surveying and taking soil samples be any farming activity.

For any farming or agricultural activities on a land, there are basic principles of agriculture that needs to be followed, in order to avoid soil surface

degradation, they are

Good practices can involve terrace and contour farming, conserving and restoring watersheds, and rainwater harvesting and storage

In addition to their economic benefits, these measures improve water retention and availability, prevent soil erosion and landslides, reduce flood risk, sequester carbon, and protect biodiversity habitat.

can take many forms, but always entails a serious disruption of a healthy balance between five key ecosystem functions.

These are: food production; fibre provision; micro-climate regulation; water retention; and carbon storage. Its impacts can be far-reaching, including loss of soil fertility, destruction of species habitat and biodiversity, soil erosion, and excessive nutrient runoff into lakes.

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