iron ore mining proces

Iron Ore: Iron Ore is a basement complex rock mineral found in Itakpe (Kogi state) and Aladja (Delta state).

were can we find iron ore mills in Nigeria

Iron Ore is found as iron and steel complex in Ajaokuta (Kogi state) and Aladja near Warri (Delta state). The iron and steel rolling mills are located in Osogbo (Osun state), Jos (Plateau state) and Katsina (Kastina state)

Method of Mining Iron Ore

Iron Ore is mined by a method called open cast method. The process is as follows:

  1. Explosives are used to remove the overburden rocks
  2. A powerful machine called a dragline is then used to pile the iron ore into a heap
  3. A monitor is then used to direct a powerful jet of water towards the heap
  4. The water washes the soil out through a series of sluice boxes
  5. The iron ore sinks to the bottom of the sluice boxes while the water carries the dirt away
  6. The iron concentrate now formed is later sent to the factory for smelting
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