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contagious diseases, DISEASES CAUSED BY BODY CONTACT. meaning that they can be transmitted from one person to another through contact or touch. human contagious diseases ranges from ringworm, whooping cough, scabies, smallpox, Ebola, Covid-19, apolo, chickenpox and tetanus/lockjaw. these are just some of the examples of Human contagious diseases

When a health threat appears, we may not know right away why or how many people are affected, but we have world-class expertise to find out what is making people sick or die and what to do about it. so when dealing with contagious diseases, the advice or expertise of a qualified medical practitioner should be sought. reasons for this that some causes of contagious diseases cannot be diagnosed unless with the aid some scientific machineskidney, contagious diseases

Human contagious diseases by contact

so here are a few examples of Human contagious diseases. the list goes on and on.  RINGWORM is a type of disease that is spread by contact, touch or closeness.

Ringworm is a disease commonly noticed among school children. It is caused by a fungus parasite that grows on the skin and hair. It usually attacks the head, cheeks, hands, belly, back and the neck.
It starts as a small rounded, dry patch on the skin. It later spreads out. Those on the head causes the hair to drop. Ringworm causes some itching and also makes the skin dry and scaly.

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Ringworm is a highly infectious disease and it spreads easily from one person to the other and is highly effective in children. It can attack even very strong and healthy persons. since is a contagious diseases, anyone infected by ringworm should be treated with care to avoid the spread of it to another person.


  1. Ringworm as contagious diseases can be prevented if contact with infected persons is avoided.
  2. The skin and clothing should always be clean.
  3. Such items as buckets, caps, towels and clothes used by infected persons should be avoided.
  4. Ringworm can easily be cured with ointment and it is best to consult the doctor or a qualified health officer.


Scabies contagious diseases are caused by small tiny animals known as mites. These mites are whitish and cannot be seen easily with the naked eye.
They bury themselves in the skin, especially between the fingers and toes. Inside the skin eggs are laid.
These mites cause some irritation or itching. They also cause some irritation or itching. They also cause some irritating swellings on the skin. These swellings at times produce tiny, white or milky liquid from the skin.


  1. It is advisable not to sleep with infected persons since the mites can easily be spread.
  2. Clothes and beddings used by infected person should never be used by other people. Such materials should always be boiled before use.
  3. Scabies can easily be cured by means of ointment from the doctor or other health authorities.



This is a disease that starts with high fever and headache. About three days later, small swellings appear on the body. These small swellings later develop some white pus. At this stage, the patient has pains all over the body, loss appetite and may even die. Later, the swelling area dry up, the dry skin is shed and dark spots remain.


Smallpox is caused by very tiny germs called virus. These germs are passed from a sick person to a healthy one when they are in contact. The cough and air from a sick person contain these germs. Thus,
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when one is in contact with a sick person, he is taking in the germs. These germs can also be spread if one makes use of blankets, clothes, plates and other things often used by the sick patient.


I. All sick persons must be isolated and sent to special hospitals.
II. All persons ought to be vaccinated against the disease.


This is a disease of children. On occasions, it can attack adults. Attack of chicken pox is always followed by the appearance of small swellings on the body. These swellings contain some liquid. After about two weeks, the swellings dry up and small black scars always remain to remind one of its attack.
Like the smallpox it is spread by virus germs.


i. All patients should be removed to special hospitals or be isolated.
ii. All persons ought to be vaccinated.



This is a highly infectious and dangerous disease. It attacks children very frequently and is known to kill easily when treatment is delayed.

It starts with high fever and cough. This is followed after a few days with small rashes all over the body.
Like the small and chicken pox, it is spread by virus germs from the breath or cough of patients.
Children must be kept away from patients. They should also be vaccinated against the disease.


The disease called tetanus or lock-jaw is caused by germs living in the soil. These germs can enter the body through dirty wounds and cuts. On entering the body through wounds, the germs produce a poison. The poison prevents a patient from opening his mouth or stretching his body, arms and legs.


i. All wounds and cuts on the body should be kept clean and covered.
ii. Anti-tetanus injection should always be given. This injection can be given in any good hospital or clinic.

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