10 ways or method to take care of the skin

10 ways or method to take care of the skin looking healthy and supple
The skin is outer covering of the body. It is also the largest organ in the body. The skin itself play an important role in the body temperature regulation which makes it very important to take care of our skin properly. so every way to method to take care of the skin is very vital

10 ways or method to take care of the skin looking healthy and supple

method to take care of the skin does not require higher amount of money or higher Investments to do so. There are simple simple things to do in order to keep the body and skin clean and healthy.
Evolving beauty contest and making ourselves look good, makes the skin one of the most important place to look up to.
A glowing skin is an emblem of internal beauty.
No matter how rich and wealthy you are if your skin is not fine and supple your regard is diminished..
So how do we take care of the skin in order to keep it smooth and supple?
Here in this article I am going to list at least 10 ways to make your skin look good and clean.

8 rules and method to take care of the skin looking healthy and supple includes the following

1. Regular cleaning of the skin.
The skin should be cleaned at least once a day with soap and water to wash dirt that may be clinging to the skin pores.
the use of antiseptic soaps can help to kill off germs that may ordinarily attack the skin and have their way.
there are lots of antiseptic soap everywhere but be very careful to know which one to buy because most of them are bleaching agent
2. Exposing the skin to fresh air always. This aspect is very important as living in a well-ventilated house or environment is very important. So the skin should be exposed to fresh air and sunlight always. The fresh air has to do with oxygen that we breathe in while the sunlight will help to produce vitamin k.
3. Eating balanced diet. A balanced diet containing vitamin A and B2 which is riboflavin in order to keep the skin healthy all time.
It is important to note that a balanced diet does not just contain only vitamin A and B2, but a balanced diet contain all the food nutrient in their right proportion
4. Taking regular exercise to keep the skin glowing and healthy.
Regular exercise not only keep the skin healthy but makes the whole body to function correctly.
Yes taking regular exercise will help to facilitate the body metabolism in order to release energy for the proper functioning of the system
So regular exercise should be carried out in order to remove sweat and keep the skin looking healthy.
5. Dressing of wounds and cuts.
wounds and cut should be cleaned regularly to get rid of dirts and also dressing the wound with antiseptic in order to prevent infection from entering search opening through the skin
6. proper treatment of skin diseases to avoid infection and total breakdown of the body system.
Skin diseases such as eczema, chickenpox, smallpox etc be reported to a qualified medical professional or doctor what best to a dermatologist for proper treatment  
7. Wearing clean clothes always.
Put that you put on all the time or even come in contact with the skin should be kept clean all the time.
So no matter how poor you may be don’t forget that clean clothes will keep you out of the reach of diseases that enter the body through the skin
8. Avoid the use of injurious or hazardous chemicals
Certain types of chemicals which are used in cream manufacturing may be dangerous to health.
Creams which bleach the skin should be avoided as this tends to destroy the melanin pigment and the skin generally



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