how does paramecium reproduce

Reproduction in paramecium We all know that paramecium is a microscopic organisms that lives in the Water.



Paramecium is so small that you can only see it with the aid of a microscope. So if this animal called paramecium that sometime probably seen as a plant is a microscopic organism then the reproductive system, how does it look like? is paramecium a male or a female organism? how does paramecium reproduce? how many months does it take paramecium to reproduce a new daughter cell?




1. Reproduction process in paramecium Paramecium reproduces in two ways the first is asexual reproduction known as binary fission while the second method of reproduction in paramecium is known as sexual reproduction also known as conjugation



Reproduction in paramecium just like amoeba reproduces by binary fission. Binary fission in other words is known as the simplest type of asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms.



A. Binary fission in paramecium This process of reproduction in paramecium is very simple, here the parent organisms simply divide into two or more parts then each of this daughter cell that is divided can exist by itself. so in paramecium where the cell just divides into two identical part the process is called binary fission This type of reproduction is classified as asexual reproduction. binary fission is a reproductive system found in microscopic organisms whereby the parent cell divides into two with identical parts it is known as binary fission.



Now that you have learnt about the binary fission process of reproduction in paramecium I want to take you further to the other part of reproduction in paramecium known as conjugation B. Conjugation process of reproduction in paramecium In some unicellular organisms like paramecium sexual reproduction also occur and very simple type of reproduction.



So in conjugation process of reproduction in paramecium the wholesale may act as a gamete. During conjugation process of reproduction that is found in most unicellular organisms like paramecium in this process, The Whole cell acting as a garmete may then pair with another similar whole cell and exchange nuclei



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