functions and uses of cutlass


Uses of a cutlass as a simple Farm tool
The cutlass is the most commonly used simple Farm tools in Africa


Most farmers that don\’t have money to buy mechanized Farm tools simple Farm tools like cutlass is the best they could lay their hands on. The use of cutlass in the farm is very broad ranging from clearing of grass cutting of trees feeling of victories during of firewood and so and so forth even is also used for transplanting but here I\’m going to mention functions of cutlass and the maintenance practices of how to keep your call is very clean and so that it will last long for you as a farmer

All over Africa there are two types of cutlass that are used in farming activities
These types of cutlass are as follows


Types of cutlass

1. This type of cutlass has a slightly curved blade with a short wooden handle. Most of this type of cutlass is used for clearing of grass is weeding majorly

2. This second type of cutlass is is slightly straight without a curved blade.
1 edge of the blade is very sharp. In fact this is the most commonly used type of cutlass in Africa both young and old alike uses this one for farming activity
3. Another type of complex that is worth mentioning here is the type that has two eggs shape sharpen in on both sides this one is not commonly used in farming work it is found everywhere in Africa has blade that are sharp on each side. This type of class is used for clearing of open field probably a football field of field that does not contain trees

functions and uses of cutlass

Most effective use of condolence is that it is used for cutting down and clearing bushes and trees. This function of cutlass is the most prominent one among other functions of cutlass and its uses in the farm.
Sometimes we also use a cutlass for transplanting of seedlings in the farm mostly from the nursery bed to the planting site during pre planting operation
A cutlass can also be used for planting of seed. A class can also be used for harvesting of crops like cocoa and maize, tomato, Millets and sorghum
A simple cutlass is possible used for weeding the Farm. If the farm is a type of Farm whereby plants or crops are planted successively then the use of massive of big cutlass for reading is not needed so you look for a smaller type of cutlass of the same brand that will be easy for you to navigate the farm clearing the grasses to change the Farmland


how to maintain a typical cutlass

In order to prolong the durability of a cutlass should be sharpened regularly to avoid being blonde and giving headache to the farmer
A typical cutlass used for farming activity should be kept in a dry and cool place to avoid rust
The metal part of a cutlass should be old and lubricated before being stored. In this way even if the court last stage for a year or two in the store room it will not rust
One major way to keeping a cutlass for proper use later is to keep it in a safe place where it is not easily accessible to children with in the house or in the farm in order not to cause hazard to the Farmers or his children



So in any case the cutlass is an important part of Farming activity all over the world. the use and uses of cutlass is not overemphasize when we say that every single simple tools used in the farm that cutlass is more prominent and most useful apart from those who are into commercial farming like mechanized agriculture even in mechanized agriculture the most commonly used Farm tools is also the cutlass. There is this adage in my place that says you cannot go to a farm without a cutlass nobody is asking if you\’re going to find with a file or with a hole but you\’re asking that as a farmer the first farm tools you\’re going to acquire is your cutlass, reason is because the simple cutlass is used for clearing of grass stomping of root of trees and then for planting.


This makes the cutlass have a lot of things to do within the Farm

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