effects and damages caused by bird on crop production like grains

Birds pest of crops are flying animals pest of crops that destroys crops on the farm in large quantities

A typical example of this bird that destroy rice on the farm or maize are the weaver bird species

Crops that are attacked by the weaver bird species on the farm are as follows

1.  Rice
2. Corn or maize
3. Millet
4. Sorghum
5. Unicorn
6. Guinea corn 🌽
7. Melon
8 . Pepper

Nature of Damages caused by the attack of birds on crop production

The attack of birds on crop production is very devastating mostly if you are in rice production and Maize. Nevertheless one of the most vicious birds that can wreak havoc on rice and corn production is the weaver bird.
The weaver bird is one of the most common birds of pest. Within a week if left unchecked, this bird can destroy an acre of land fill with rice.
Another form in which this bird, the weaver bird attacks crop production as follows
1. The weaver bird feed grains in the farm. The bed obviously attacks the seed by eating them up perking them through
2. The attack of this birds reduces the quantity of production of rice and maize and other crops
3. As a result of this attacks by birds, income yield for the Farmer is also reduced

Preventive measures to tackle the attack of bird and their destructive intent on crop production

The following are some of the outlined measures and their preventive and capacity whereby we can prevent the attack of birds.
 since these birds come very early in the morning it is advised that the following measures will helpful to avoid destructive impact of this birds on our crop production
1. The use of scarecrow or bird scarer is very important in the prevention of the attack of birds on crops
2. You can also use cage baits to trap these birds. This baits can be set up in different strategic point within the farm
3. The use of catapult can also be enforced and driving away birds from distance of
4. Noise making or drumming within and around the farm is also advised
5. It is also important to use some little little explosive mechanism within intervals
6. The use or application of avicide is also advised. They avicides is a chemical mixture which is used to drive away birds when they smell the odor
7. Fencing the farm using net is very important during harvest, mostly if you are producing rice and maize or any other type grain
It is important to note that if the attack is coming from a weaver bird then you should be able to find time to stay in the farm for longer periods of the day because the Weaver bird hunt From Dusk to Dawn. This group of bird can also be very stubborn to scare away
The attack of birds on crop production can be control effectively since this birds do not reside inside the farm or do they sleep inside the farm. they come from other places,
 so their prevention can be effective if we employ some of the measures listed above
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