cultural practice in the cultivation of tomato

in the cultivation of tomatoes The following are some of the involved in the planting of tomato Weeding: This should be done at regular intervals. Watering of tomato farm: Soon after transplanting, seed-lings should b44e watered every morning and evening till the plants are able to stand on their own. Fertilizer Application in tomato farming: Apply N.P.K 15:15:15 fertilizer to each plant of tomato three weeks after transplanting at 250kg/hectare; or apply any organic manure like compost or farmyard manure at 30-40 metric tons per hectare. Staking of tomato: Provide stakes to enable the tomato plants to stand erect and prevent lodging. Stems are tied or trained to the stakes. Staking allows for good fruiting of the plant of tomato and keeps fruits from disease attack. Arising from contact with soil. Staking should be done before flowering. Maturity period of tomato: This occurs between two to four months after planting. Methods of tomato Harvesting: Matured or ripe fruits are harvested by handpicking and stored in dry, cool place. Harvesting starts as from two months. Tomato Processing: Tomato is either used or consumed after harvesting, or it can be processed into tomato juice or paste. Storage of tomato : It can be stored as canned paste.

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