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causes of soil acidity, effect of soil acidity and how to remove soil acidity from the soil



Causes of soil acidity

The two can be caused by any of the following reasons
Leaching is a major cause of soil acidity. What it means is that through leaching and washing down the nutrients below the soil surface where it is difficult for plant roots to access in order to get nutrients for growth

The use of acid fertilizers. The use of acid fertilizers like ammonium Sulfate and ammonium nitrate can even cause acidity in the soil
The presence of acid parent materials. The presence of acid parent materials can cause the ground or soil to become acidic. The presence of acid parent materials resort in the easy dissolution of The Rock’s leaving behind mineral rich in hydrogen ions

Nutrient uptake by plants can cause the land of soil to become acidic. The absorption of soluble minerals from by plant results in the accumulation of hydrogen ions which causes the soil to become acidic
The presence of sulphur in the soil- sulphur undergoes oxidation and dissolution to form weak acid in the soil



Ways to remove soil acidity from the soil

It can be removed by the application of liming materials which are rich in calcium
The following underlisted are examples of learning materials use to remove soil acidity
Slake lime
Quick lime
Calcium bicarbonate
Wood ash
Dolomite or calcite
Basic slag
Organic manure can also be applied to remove soil pH or acidity




Effects of soil acidity on crop production

The following are ways whereby the soil becomes acidic and their effects to crops
production low ph or high acidity causes the disintegration of clay materials which are leached from the soil
Low pH causes and accumulation of aluminium and manganese which may be toxic to plants roots
Low pH reduces the population of some useful soil organisms such as bacteria and earthworm
The presence of hydrogen ions may have adverse effect on the roots of plants as it hinders the absorption of mineral ions
Soil acidity causes nutrient deficiency especially calcium phosphorus and nitrogen
Soil acidity reduces the activities of soil microorganisms
Humans can easily be leached out of the soil if the pH is high
Soil acidity Reduces the formation of pods in legumes
Soil acidity causes reduced growth and yield of crops
The effect of soil acidity causes lower rate of decomposition of organic matter due to its adverse effect on soil microbes

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