cassava mealybugs pest of crops and effects on crop production, and it’s control method

What is cassava mealybugs?
Cassava mealybug is an insect pest of cassava which attacks cassava tubers
Cassava mealybugs is a type of boring insect pest of crop. 
Crops that are attacked by cassava mealybugs
The main crops that are attacked by cassava mealybugs is the cassava and cassava tuber.
Nature of Damages and the effect of cassava mealybugs attack

1. The cassava mealybugs attacks the cassava by twisting of stem and reduced internodes
2. Cassava mealybugs affect the cassava plant or crop by causing the stem or shoot system to swell
3. Another effect of cassava mealybugs is it causes stunted growth
4. Reduced yield
Prevention and control method of cassava mealybugs

1. To control the spread of cassava mealybugs, early planting should be observed by every farmer involved in cassava planting

2. The use of planting of pest resistant varieties of cassava should be encouraged by farmers
3. Cutting system of propagation should also be encouraged
4. Then the last of all is that to curb the excesses of cassava mealybugs, farmers should spray with the right insecticide or herbicide.
Interestingly every Attack of crop pest will always have a negative effect. they will certainly reduce the crop yield, reduce production rate and the May die off eventually
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