BOTANICAL NAME OF GRASSES. In this post, I am going to list the names of some major botanical names of grasses that are very important to agriculture and the rearing of animals.

Grasses belong to the family Poaceae (formerly known as Gramineae), and they constitute a large and diverse group of plants with various species.

Each species of grass has its own botanical name, typically in the format of a Genus species. Here are a few examples of grasses with their botanical names:

  1. Common Wheat: Triticum aestivum
  2. Rice: Oryza sativa
  3. Maize (Corn): Zea mays
  4. Barley: Hordeum vulgare
  5. Sugarcane: Saccharum officinarum
  6. Bermuda Grass: Cynodon dactylon
  7. Timothy Grass: Phleum pratense
  8. Bluegrass: Poa pratensis
  9. Bamboo: Bambusa spp. (various species)

These are just a few examples, and there are thousands of species of grasses found around the world, each with its own botanical name.

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Grasses are incredibly important in agriculture, as they serve as the primary source of food for many herbivorous animals and are used for human consumption in various forms like grains, cereals, and forage.

They also contribute to ecosystems, and soil health, and play a vital role in landscaping and sports turf

so some botanical names of grasses are as follows

The botanical names of grasses in the full list

1. Blue feather–Commelina nudiflora 2. BAHAMA GRASS
BUR WEED——-Triumfetta rhumboidea
CALAPO——–Calapagonium mucunoides
CARPET GRASS—–Axonopus compressors

CELOCIA——Celosia rotundus
CENTRO——-Centrocema pubescens
DESMODIUM—-Desmodium Spp
DODDER——–Cascuta americana
ELEPHANT GRASS——Pennisetum purpurium
EMILLIA——Emillia sognifochia

FOXTAIL GRASS—-Setaria barbata
GOAT WEED-—–Ageretum conyzoides
GUINEA GRASS—-Panacum maximum
GIANT STAR GRASS—–Cynodon plectostachyus
GUATEMALA GRASS——Tripsaum laxum
GRAGOSTIC GRASS—-Gragrostic aspera
LEMON GRASS—Cymbopogon citratus
MILK WEED——-Euophorbia hirta
MONEY WEED——–accanthospernum hispidum
NORTHERN GAMBA GRASS–Andropogon gayanus
GLORIOSA PLANT——Gloriosa superba
PARA GRASS———Pernicum barbinode
PANGOLA GRASS -Digitaria decumbens
PIG WEED————-Boerhavia diffusa

PUERO—————————————-Pueraria phaseoloides
RUBBER WEED—————————–Mimosa pudica
RHODES GRASS—————————–Chloris guyana
SOUTHERN GAMBA GRASS—————Andropogon tectorum
SUNHEMP————————————-Crotelaria junc-Imperata cylindrica
STYLO————–Stylosanthes gracilis
SENSITIVE PLANT—-Mimosa pudica
SEDGE PLANT——–Cyperus rotundatus
SIAM WEED—-Chromolina oohum
GREEN-TETE-WITH THORNS——-Amaranthus spinosis

Grasses are a diverse group of plants belonging to the Poales order and Poaceae family that contains over 12,000 species. Many of these grasses are used for food, fuel, fiber, and yes lawns! Did you know that just 3 species of grasses wheat, corn, and rice provide 60 percent of the total plant calories that humans consume worldwide?

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