types of feeds in agriculture

Types of feeds in agriculture. Ration types feeds are classified according to the purpose they serve in the animals body. They include in:  Maintenance Ration types of feeds This is the food given to animals to keep their live – weight constant. The ration is so formulated as to enable the animal to carry on…… Continue reading types of feeds in agriculture

importance of Agricultural Mechanization

importance of Agricultural Mechanization. Meaning of Mechanization agricultural mechanization. Mechanization is concerned with the use of machines in farm work. importance of Agricultural Mechanization In Nigeria or any other country farm work is carried out using simple farm implements. For example, clearing of land is done with the cutlass, digging of the land with hoe…… Continue reading importance of Agricultural Mechanization

weeds and their botanical names known as scientific name

 weeds and their botanical names  known as scientific name. In this post you will learn the botanical names of weeds, which also include their scientific names. concept of economics mean measure of central tendency median demand supply scale of preference opportunity cost histogram bar graph pie chart types mean frequency distribution graphs branches of economics…… Continue reading weeds and their botanical names known as scientific name