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areas of agriculture. specialization in agriculture and study. Branches or fields of specialization in agriculture. first let us look at the various importance of agriculture, types of agriculture

Agriculture is a broad field with numerous specialized areas and sub-disciplines. These specializations have evolved in response to the diverse demands of modern agriculture, technological advancements, and the need to address specific agricultural challenges. Here are some key areas of specialization in agriculture:

Areas of Agricultural specialization

  1. Crop Science: Crop scientists focus on the cultivation, breeding, and improvement of crops. They work to develop new crop varieties, optimize planting techniques, and enhance crop yield and quality.
  2. Soil Science: Soil scientists study soil properties, fertility, and management. They assess soil health, recommend appropriate fertilizers and soil amendments, and work to prevent soil erosion and degradation.
  3. Agronomy: Agronomists study the science of crop production and soil management. They often work on optimizing crop rotations, planting schedules, and sustainable farming practices.
  4. Horticulture: Horticulturists specialize in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. They work on improving plant varieties, crop management, and pest control in horticultural settings.
  5. Animal Science: Animal scientists focus on livestock production and management. They work to improve animal breeding, nutrition, health, and overall animal well-being.
  6. Agricultural Economics: Agricultural economists analyze the economic aspects of agriculture, including market trends, pricing, and policy. They provide insights on farm management, agricultural policy, and food supply chains.
  7. Agricultural Engineering: Agricultural engineers design and develop equipment and machinery used in farming and food processing. They also work on irrigation systems and environmental control in agriculture.
  8. Plant Pathology: Plant pathologists study plant diseases, their causes, and methods to prevent and control them. They help develop disease-resistant crop varieties and management strategies.
  9. Entomology: Entomologists focus on the study of insects and their impact on agriculture. They work on pest management and beneficial insect conservation.
  10. Agricultural Extension: Agricultural extension specialists work with farmers to disseminate research findings, provide training, and offer advice on modern farming techniques and practices.
  11. Precision Agriculture: Precision agriculture specialists use technology, such as GPS and remote sensing, to optimize farm management. They focus on data-driven decision-making to improve efficiency and sustainability.
  12. Agribusiness Management: Agribusiness professionals are involved in managing various aspects of the agricultural supply chain, including marketing, logistics, and agribusiness finance.
  13. Food Science and Technology: Food scientists and technologists work on food safety, preservation, and processing. They develop new food products and improve food quality.
  14. Veterinary Medicine: Veterinarians specialize in the health and well-being of animals. They play a critical role in ensuring the health of livestock and pets.
  15. Sustainable Agriculture: Specialists in sustainable agriculture focus on environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices that prioritize long-term environmental and economic sustainability.
  16. Organic Farming: Organic farmers and researchers specialize in the production of organic crops and livestock following strict organic certification standards.
  17. Aquaculture: Aquaculturists are involved in the farming of aquatic organisms, such as fish, shrimp, and molluscs, in controlled environments.
  18. Agroforestry: Agroforestry integrates trees and other woody plants into agricultural systems to enhance environmental benefits and sustainable land use.
  19. Rural Development: Professionals in rural development work on improving the livelihoods of rural communities through various agricultural and non-agricultural initiatives.
  20. International Agriculture: Specialists in international agriculture focus on global food security, trade, and development issues, often working with international organizations and governments.

These are just some of the many areas of specialization within the field of agriculture. Each specialization plays a crucial role in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector.

importance of the areas of agriculture

Agriculture is very important to individual countries and the world at large it is normally a process of producing crops and animals made for family consumption and industrial areas of agriculture

Agriculture is regarded as the backbone of any Nation\’s domestic economy and the mother of all other businesses because it is the very spot where food and other things that are used in the home are produced

So when we talk about specialization in agriculture we are talking about areas of discipline that people take up in agriculture for the purpose of meeting the world’s demand for food as areas of agriculture

In this article, I’m going to mention a few branches or areas of specialization in agriculture and these areas are not limited to those I’m going to mention here so if you have another thing to add to this once or comment please use our comment box and will get back to you in minutes.

Show the areas of sanitation in agriculture as follows

branches of specialization in agriculture

1. Soil science is one of the important areas of specialization in agriculture. Since all is the natural material on which plant grows the science which studies soil is known as soil science this type of science deals with the nature of the soil that are very important and they are key to crop production.

 People who study soil science deal with soil type, soil texture, soil profile

Soil science as a branch or area of specialization in agricultural

makes it easy for the Farmer to know something about the soil and how to use it to grow crops in a way that it will bring good lead at the end of the planting season

2. Crop science..  crop science is an area of specialization in agriculture

or one of the branches of agricultural science it is the science which deals with the growing of crops planting of crops

 types of crops bringing good feed from insemination how to bring about bountiful harvests.

For crops to do well it is important to study their different parts and know the best way to take care of them in terms of the disease control system, and crossbreeding system.

3. Fishery as a branch or an area of specialization in agriculture

which is concerned with the production of fish and other animals such as crayfish and crabs that are found in water.

One aspect of this area or branch of Agriculture is the haunting of fish in natural Waters like streams Rivers Lakes lagoons and oceans

The study of Fisheries comes in handy as it enhances the production of fish through fish ponds and other types of fish farming that we see everywhere around us in the whole world.

the fish are also reared in streams and in ponds and tanks and it is a very vital part of our meals at home as it is a source of protein

 Forestry and wildlife conservation area of specialization in agriculture

is another branch of Agriculture concerned with the growing and maintenance of trees and animals in the forest

In our locality here in Nigeria, most people who are into forestry and wildlife conservation will call them Forest Guard,

since they are people who are trained to monitor the growth of plant varieties of plants animal conservation in the forest and so they are trained educated professors or men who are involved in making sure that we have timber necessary and available for building construction and for making of bridges

 forestry and wildlife conservation is very deep as this also involves the thing will call you keeping and train of animals and preserving them for future generations to know the breed and kinds of animals are found in an environment over decayed

the study of Forestry is also involved in planting trees making sure that we have good variety and disease resistance in an environment. forestry study is so important that it helps in the growth of a forest and plant and species of plant

Now listen to this if you think you don’t like forestry while discussing this article then look at the use of timber at home and making furniture, building houses, roofing sheets and all that stuff

so they’re taking care of animals like lions elephants, deer, antelopes and others.

is very important you watch documentaries like on the National Geographic channel where these animals are shown to you.

I will call them animals in the Kalahari Desert in East Africa and in South Africa or you have beautiful animals shown to you on TV shows, these animals are not just in the wild, they are conserved by men who are trained to nurture these animals.

5.  Agricultural education.  Agricultural education or agricultural education is another branch of Agriculture or area of specialisation in agriculture that deals with the training of farmers

Simple farm tools in mechanized agriculture are also learnt in the classroom Farmers are also taught how to carry out good farming practices like pre-planting practices post-planting practices and other fields of endeavours in farming activities

6.  Veterinary medicine.. this is the area or branch of Agriculture which teaches all this with the study of diseases of farm animals.. person or any medicines or medical doctors that treat animals is important before that even animals like human being do fall sick.

So if farm animals are sick, they need to be treated in order not to die and also grow and produce well. And so the people or group of people who studied how to treat animals that are sick are known as veterinary doctors

7. Agricultural economics. Agricultural economics is an area of specialisation in agriculture which teaches farmers how to run their farms in order to get more money and make a profit in the long run.

Agricultural economics deals with the little available resource in the hand of a farmer and teaches him how to use the money that he has to be able to maximize profit

Farmers grow crops and animals and this in turn has to be sold to get money to grow crops and keep the family and to Maintain workers, the money is used to pay the workers.

also used to buy planting materials like seeds, fertilizers, buy farm implements like Cutlass, spanners spades and shovels including wheelbarrows for farm activities. check out the list of farm tools here

they also use part of this money that is sold to buy animal feeds

Agricultural economics simply in other terms means agricultural management practices this is simple terms is defined as the management of the little resources in the hand of the Farmer use it in a wise way to maximize profit and produce enough crops and animal for family consumption and for export. check out this post on the scale of preference

8. Another important area of specialization or branch of Agriculture is the agricultural extension

Agricultural extension is concerned with how to help farmers help themselves in terms of the local organizing committee or outreach of the government

The People call extension officers are mainly from the Ministry of Agriculture of any country. they are the ones in a position to show farmers better ways of doing Farm work.

they also tell the Farmers about new crops and good animals that they can grow and rear for maximum profit.

The work of extension officers is to help farmers make more money by getting Goodyear and a better harvest at the end of every planting season.

In addition to helping farmers maximize their output by teaching them new and improved techniques of farming and how they can be able to maximize the little resources they have about their base knowledge and use of simple Farm tools that are newly acquired, they also serve as middlemen between the government and this time by taking the problems of farmers to the Ministry of Agriculture for solution

9.  Animal science is the science which deals with the study of farm animals or livestock animal science is a field in agricultural science that helps in studying farm animals such as gold capital ship pig fell duck and many others that are found on the farm.

Some of the areas of speciality or specialisation in animal science are the study of animals and how to improve these animals in order to provide enough meat for family and national consumption and to provide enough milk while others provide eggs.

animal science involves the study of many different livestock, what they eat in order to grow well and how they are kept by the farmers in order to give maximum production.

so the persons who study farm animals are called an animal scientist

10.  A very important field of study in agricultural science is also known as agricultural engineering this area of Agriculture deals with tools and machines used to do farm work to maximize profit and reduce input

In agriculture, there are so many farming activities that cannot be done with the use of crude implements known as simple implements and so for mechanized agriculture to be in effect, most of the Machines used in modern farming are produced through agricultural engineering

A typical example of the importance of agricultural Engineering in the field of Agriculture is the Felling of trees and digging of the soil before planting seeds and as well as harvesting crops.

The felling of trees through the use of a cutlass or simple Farm tools like a cutlass is difficult.  but in modern times, the discovery of a lot of techniques and inventions in agricultural engineering like the motor saw have been invented for felling trees easily without even sweating

what is horticulture as an area of specialization in agriculture

 Horticulture is a branch of crop science which deals with vegetable fruits and ornamental plants or flowers

The study of horticulture as an area of specialisation in agriculture is therefore divided into three 

1. olericulture which deals with vegetable production

Floriculture as a field of study or specialization in agriculture

which is the production of ornamental plant-like flowers that are used in beautifying our garden and Environment including compound

3.  The third branch of horticulture is known as pomology

which days will the production of fruit like mango guava etc

There is this aspect of horticulture that we tag viticulture here in this part of Africa which is the Cultural planting of wine.

Flower planting or the growing of ornamental plants within the compound is important because flowers are used to make compounds beautiful and look nice and attractive


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