July 2023

Homogamy and cleistogamy as a condition necessary for self pollination

Homogamy pollination process   Definition of homogamy Homogamy refers to the ripening of the anthers and stigma of a bisexual flower at the same time This is actually a process in pollination where the flower anthers of a bisexual flower and the stigmas of a bisexual flower and ripe at the same time for pollination. …

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what is Mitosis

List the stages in mitosis Whereby each daughter cell or Nicholas has exactly the same chromosome content as the parent When we speak of mitosis we are simply talking about a type of cell division in terms of Passing genetic character and so on and so forth to the daughter cells but in this case …

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what is meiosis

What is meiosis? Meiosis can be defined as a two successive cell division with only one duplication of chromosomes. Four daughter cells are usually produced in meiosis.     So in other words meiosis is a reduction in cell division and the resulting four daughter cells are haploid. So talking about meiosis we are talking …

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classification of soil

  Classification of soilSoil is classified into three major groups namelyZonal soilIntra zonal SoilAzona soil Zonal soil. This type of soil is mature soil and is responsible or recognisable through soil profile as a result of the influence of climatr and vegetation… the zonal soil is subdivided into two major group lemley pedalfers and pedocals …

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