February 2023

types of breeding

Breeding is the process of producing offspring with desired traits by controlled mating of selected parents. It is an important tool for improving the genetic quality of plants and animals used in agriculture, food production, and other industries. Breeding involves selecting parents with desired characteristics and crossing them to produce offspring that inherit these traits. …

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Agricultural production. Agriculture is a key sector of any economy, providing food and raw materials for various industries. Agricultural production refers to the process of growing crops and raising livestock for the purpose of generating income and food security. While agricultural production has been a crucial part of human societies for thousands of years, it …


Pros And cons of mechanized agriculture

advantages and disadvantages of mechanized agriculture. definition of mechanized agriculture. importance of mechanized agriculture. using modern technology and machines known as farm implement to boost the quality and production crop. machines like tractors, and other machine coupled implement are used instead of manual labor. haven looked at what is mechanized agriculture, let me walk you …

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